How to be an Influencer

Influencers. It’s become a full fledged career that so many are striving for, but last year the concept sent me RUNNING in the opposite direction.

I guess I lost sense of the true meaning behind being an influencer, which in my opinion essentially means that you have the position to create change in other people’s behaviors. There was so much frustration surrounding algorithms, people buying fake followers + likes, being constantly asked to work for free, always trying to gain more numbers… I felt really turned off by it to be honest. I can sniff out insincerity like a hungry shark, and it stank.

[Side note: There ARE many awesome influencers out there. I follow a bunch! I’m not pooping on everyone.]

Okay, so I told my friends that I wasn’t going to be an influencer anymore. I think it sounded just as ridiculous as that last sentence felt to write.

So I was done. But you know what? Zero changed. I kept sharing, telling truths, being vulnerable… and the more real I got, the more response I got. And I felt this social responsibility to help people. Because I care nothing more about other people living amazing lives and living out their passions and purpose on a daily bases. If I can give people ideas, stories, and tools to do that through a free app on our phones then why wouldn’t I?

Being an influencer isn’t about selling products. It isn’t about having a million followers. It’s not about showing your butt. It’s about inspiring others to spark real change in their lives that benefits them. It’s about spreading a beautiful message. It’s about building a community and supporting them fully.

I believe that being an influencer should be a by-product of amazing work. I’m not going to tell you how to use hashtags, and how to hit a certain level of followers (because your follower number is not everything).

This is how you become a meaningful influencer, and an asset to the wellbeing of others:

  1. Be real and vulnerable. Create genuine connections meaning you respond to comments and DMs. Share your story. People care more about your story than what you sell. If you’re not sincere it is obvious.

  2. Spread a positive message and inspire people. Don’t just share what you wore, your amazing day, or hair (I mean you CAN), but dig deeper. Everyone has something deeper to share.

  3. Only work with brands you are CRAZY about. Be selective. If you don’t feel awesome about sharing something than don’t. I have only done one share before where I felt icky about it. Lesson learned. I have not worked with one brand that I’m not hog wild about since.

Influence has nothing to do with having a “K” behind your number of followers. If you have 10 followers including your cat’s account you still have influence. 

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, your influence doesn’t stop when you put your phone down. Continue your work off screen. Be a good human. You can make a real difference in this world all day long. Never underestimate your powers.

Tell me what you think about influence, and shoot me any questions you may have below.

With LOVE + happy weekend!!!