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Instagram; A Microcosm of Real Life

Hey friends,

I’ve kind of realized that I talk about social media and our relationships with it a lot. I don’t know, it kind of fascinates me to be honest. I was thinking about how it all started for me… Once upon a time, a friend was telling me about facebook, and if you went to certain schools you could use it. Soon I jumped on the bandwagon, and began oversharing like everyone else (this is what I had for lunch, this is my dog sleeping, this is how I’m feeling today, this is me going to yoga. haha!). Then Instagram came onto the scene.

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How to be an Influencer

Influencers. It’s become a full fledged career that so many are striving for, but last year the concept sent me RUNNING in the opposite direction.

I guess I lost sense of the true meaning behind being an influencer, which in my opinion essentially means that you have the position to create change in other people’s behaviors. There was so much frustration surrounding algorithms, people buying fake followers + likes, being constantly asked to work for free, always trying to gain more numbers… I felt really turned off by it to be honest. I can sniff out insincerity like a hungry shark, and it stank.

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How Instagram Opened My Eyes and Saved My Life

I constantly read about the negative impacts caused by social media, and I have a feeling you do, too.  It causes depression.  It's fake.  People are buying their followers.  There's an ongoing movement for people to give social media the finger.

But I'm not riding that train, and this blog post is not about that.  Today I am focusing on why I love Instagram, and how I credit the platform for being one of the most profound and beneficial influencers of my life.

Long ago, I was sitting in a cold dark office (literally it had no windows, and would blow cold air from the vent). 

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