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Yoga ON the Mat

Before I had Bodie I practiced yoga almost daily. Some practices were hard and vigorous, while others were slow and restorative. Some practices long, and others short... but regardless, I made the time to get on my mat even when working long hours. I even practiced throughout my pregnancy all the way up until the day the little guy was born (btw that story is coming soon!). But let me tell you, my practice has really gone to crap since that day!

Flexible is Sustainable

Last week I spent a solid amount of time planning out content for the blog. I was feeling really good about everything, using new organizational tactics, and ready to rock and roll. Today's post was supposed to be a 10 minute destress and loosen up flow (I'm expanding the yoga content here), but then life happened.

Motherhood happened.


Raw & Juicy Photoshoot

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all having a good week.  We have been trying to get lots of odds and ends done before we head to Disney world this weekend.  I can't wait to take Bodie to the Magic Kingdom.  I've been a million times, and even once when he was a baby, but this new toddler phase seems like it will be the best time ever.  Have you ever done Disney with a toddler before?  Any musts?

I recently had the chance to do a shoot at Raw & Juicy in Seaside, Florida...

Motivation is overrated

Feeling inspired is so nice, isn't it? I have these days where I get so much work done. The problem is, unless I have a set deadline for someone, most of the time the projects I start are never finished which leaves me swimming in a sea full of stagnation and stress.  Lately I've been thinking a lot about this as I have a project that I want to publish, and make available for all of you. I just can't seem to get it done...

Meditation Behind the Camera

Yesterday evening, I was headed out to do a shoot.  I dropped Bodie off with his dad, and drove off to a super secret location.  I actually found parking.  I set up the tripod, switched the lens on my camera, and turned it on.  The memory card icon flashed.  Crap.  I left the card in my computer.  The sunlight was a beautiful golden color, and I couldn't take one shot!

So I packed up and left.  I wish I could tell you I simply brushed it off

Birthday Feelings

Today is my birthday, and to be honest, I've never really liked my birthday. I remember being 10 years old, and crying because I didn't want to grow up. Every year I blow off my birthday like it's no big deal, but truthfully, I could spend the whole day in hiding and mourning.

I'm almost ashamed to blog about this topic

Moving Can Be Awesome, but Do This First

As you may know, I recently moved from upstate NY to the the panhandle of Florida.  It's a move that I had dreamed about for years, and still cannot believe that it actually happened.  I love palm trees, balmy air, and water that is so clear and blue that you question if it's real life every damn day.  To get here, I gave up a lot.  I made changes that were uncomfortable, and never looked back.  I'm definitely happy...

...but not because we moved.

Slow Down, Baby

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As a whole, we're pretty bad at relaxing and taking it easy.  We all seem to be too busy and it feels like most of the day happens in emergency mode.  

I've seen this pattern in myself, and I've caught myself spending my days as if there was a fire lit under my buns for no reason other than habit.  It doesn't feel good, and I constantly work to break this pattern. 

Are You Accidentally Making Your Tight Shoulders Tighter?

Yoga made me very aware of my tight shoulders.  During my first yoga class I couldn't reach my arms straight overhead.  Previously, I didn't even know tight shoulders were really a thing.  So I kept coming to class thinking that with a consistent practice they would naturally open up... But. They. Didn't.  Can you relate?  The reason: 1) I wasn't spending enough time doing the correct openers, and 2) I was accidentally  making my shoulders even tighter during yoga!

Home Practice with a Baby

I have a baby who refuses to nap alone. He's also a fan of the quick and dirty cat nap. With that said, I can only practice during his waking hours. Just like life has completely changed (goodbye going to the bathroom alone), my practice changed dramatically as well. My little man turns 9 months next week, and I've learned how to have a solid home practice with him by my side (or on me). With flexibility you can have a killer and satisfying practice, and even bond with your little one!