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Indulging Makes Me Healthier

Hey friends!

Today was a day of errands, cleaning, and packing.  We are headed on a little road trip tomorrow to meet up with family in central Florida.  I have a few day trips planned that I am really excited about.  Anyhow, when I plan for a road trip, the first thing that always comes to mind is food!  Nothing is worse than being in a car and being hungry.

Tuna Poke Bowl

Happy Friday! I'm skipping this week's Friday Feels post because I feel like talking about tuna poke instead. If I could wear a shirt that said tuna + avocado + soy sauce I would. That's how much I did these ingredients. Would you wear this shirt? Or what would your favorite ingredient shirt look like?

Friday Feels

Happy Friday, friends! 

I hope everyone had a good week.  Let's jump right into it...

What I'm feeling: This week's full moon.  What a sight she was rising over the Gulf of Mexico.  I went out for sunset on Wednesday, and as spectacular as the color show was, the rising full moon just blew me away.  Some of you may have followed along on my Instagram Live... 

To Coffee or Not to Coffee?

When I first dove into a wellness lifestyle I gave up coffee for about a year.  I drank warm lemon water every morning because that's what all the cool yogis and health coaches were doing...

... And it sucked!  Like seriously sucked.  I thought about coffee every single day.  More like fantasized actually.

Easy Magical Soup

My husband and I have been fighting off what I'm hoping is just a cold for several days now.  For the first few days I barely ate.  Today is a different story.  Look out!  My appetite came back, and then some.  I knew that this meant I needed to eat highly nourishing and healing foods.  So voila, Easy Magic Soup!