All in Happiness

A Post with No Ending or Point

Hey friends!

This post is long overdue, and a fair warning, may be a little over the place.  I hate to say that I've been "too busy" to blog, but I truly have been too busy.  I've been pulled in a million different directions between motherhood and business.  In addition, we took a vacation last month, and then my dad ended up in the hospital.  I tried to keep everyone updated on Instagram, and appreciate all of the love and prayers we received.

Running a Business + Being a Mom


I have been totally swamped in motherhood over the past 10 days.  Bodie, who is not an easy toddler in general, got a cold early last week, that turned into a secondary infection last weekend.  He ended up on antibiotics.  My husband and I got the same bug, and went on antibiotics as well.  It's the first time I've had to take them in years!  

Being sick, and being a mom quite frankly sucks.

Being sick, and being a mom to a sick kid sucks even more.

Being sick, being a mom to a sick kid, and a wife to a sick husband is the worst!

Intentional Living Gone Bad

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!  I didn't do much of anything.  Well, I relaxed, went to the beach, took my son for pizza (and enjoyed a glass of wine while he ate), and went on a drive/adventure with Ed which lead us to some sketchy and questionable places.  I took Ellie, the Bug, out for a spin down 30A (the main beach road here) Sunday afternoon, and went to bed early.

Great weekend? Yes?  Aligned with things I love?  Yes.  Did I get much of anything done? Nope.

There were times where I would have looked at a weekend like the as a waste...

Moving Can Be Awesome, but Do This First

As you may know, I recently moved from upstate NY to the the panhandle of Florida.  It's a move that I had dreamed about for years, and still cannot believe that it actually happened.  I love palm trees, balmy air, and water that is so clear and blue that you question if it's real life every damn day.  To get here, I gave up a lot.  I made changes that were uncomfortable, and never looked back.  I'm definitely happy...

...but not because we moved.

Slow Down, Baby

[Featuring Sand Cloud Towels + Jala Leggings]

As a whole, we're pretty bad at relaxing and taking it easy.  We all seem to be too busy and it feels like most of the day happens in emergency mode.  

I've seen this pattern in myself, and I've caught myself spending my days as if there was a fire lit under my buns for no reason other than habit.  It doesn't feel good, and I constantly work to break this pattern. 

Less Stuff. More Life.

I posted a photo of my yoga leggings on Instagram not too long ago.  I have an embarrassingly large amount (15!) despite the fact that I have donated and downsized over the last year.  In fact, I've donated about 95% of my wardrobe over the last year.  The yoga stuff is some of the last to go because "I need it to teach", "I need it because I practice so much", and yada yada yada...